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Your Wingman Day Planning Resource


The purpose of Wingman Day ancillary training is to enhance resilience within the force by strengthening physical, mental, social and spiritual fitness. Per the Wingman Day CONOPs, each ANG wing is required to hold two Wingman Days per year. The day is typically facilitated by a wing’s Director of Psychological Health, the Airman & Family Readiness Program coordinator or the Director of Safety, but this will vary depending on the wing.

To plan your Wingman Day, use this site to search content, topics and agendas that will best benefit Airmen at your installation. It is recommended that you utilize the materials contained on this site, but it is not required.

After you complete your Wingman Day event, report back to the ANG CAIB by completing and submitting the form found here.

For more information, visit our FAQ section.

Air Guard Safety
Air Force Chaplain Corps
Air National Guard Medical Services
Featured Video

Where is your focus?

a man talking to a focused working person
This short video shows how pressures from civilian jobs and family life may impact a Citizen Airman's focus. View
Featured Topic

Sexual Harassment and Prejudice

people in a party
This topic focuses on how sexual harassment and prejudice can have negative and long-lasting effects. view
Featured Agenda

Mission Focus for Mishap Prevention

a family around dining table
This agenda focuses on ensuring Airmen stay focused while on the job in order to prevent air and ground mishaps. view
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